We were founded in the belief that 80% of insights can be gained with 20% of the analysis. Our goal is not to help you find “the” answer, but help your team of decision makers ask the right questions in order to set a productive strategic direction for your campus.

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Rob provides team leadership and economic analysis in reducing clients’ overall environmental impact while increasing their operational and financial efficiencies, and coordinating practical goals with institutional missions.

In addition to strategic energy planning experience with higher education clients, Rob McKenna was formerly Senior Consultant for Energy Strategies, LLC. He has led the economic analysis of long distance multi-gigawatt renewable energy transmission lines, represented national commercial interests in utility-scale concentrating solar power development, and provided evaluation of the economic impact of regional and state environmental goals throughout the western United States. Holding an MBA in finance from Indiana University, Rob has fulfilled technology-focused management, product development, and commercialization roles for Fortune 500 companies.

Rob McKenna, Principal
(m) 801.540.3419


Dave Karlsgodt directs Fovea’s software development team and is responsible for translating complex technical analysis and modeling systems into easy-to-understand, web-based reports and interactive tools. In the decade prior to Fovea, Dave was the President and Founder of the Seattle-based, custom software company, Metric Media. From there he draws on 10 years of business management and a project background supporting corporate, government and non-profit clients such as Microsoft, the King County Housing Authority, and Casey Family Services. Known as a gifted programmer with strong design sensibilities, Dave distinguishes his work with an analytical perspective on user experience, mixing technology and business knowledge with ingenuity and strategic thinking.

David Karlsgodt, Principal
(m) 206.853.6506

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Nick Travis guides Fovea's client services in detailed investment analysis related to the energy industry, and finance and capital markets, further assuring that decisions regarding individual capital investments are supported by a thorough understanding of commitments, benefits, and risks.

Nick has experience with a wide range of energy markets and demand management as well as supply technologies. He has worked extensively on projects involving electricity and thermal energy, coal, natural gas, process gas, oil, biomass, LFG, wind, solar, tidal, geothermal, waste-to-energy and small-scale nuclear technologies.

Nick Travis, Senior Analyst

Debbie has over fifteen years of experience in all phases of software development–from requirements gathering through development, documentation, and end-user training. Her background spans a variety clients and industries including tech giants Nintendo and Microsoft, public housing agencies, and businesses in the senior care industry.

Debbie Weiss, Lead Software Developer

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