Service Offerings

Facilitating smarter and faster decisions for institutions’ facilities, energy, and environmental teams.

Fovea provides facilitation, training, data visualization, and scenario planning ("what if" forecasting) to higher education institutions and companies with corporate campuses. We help decision makers visually engage their team members about their current resource usage and facilities operations, where their business-as-usual policies are taking them, and how they might imagine, articulate and, most importantly, set in motion an alternative future that is right for their organization.

Our clients have leadership positions in business, financial, facilities, and sustainability teams. We help our clients visualize a compelling future by leverage their experiences from past to jump-start their transition today.

We offer the following services:

roadmap services  

Achieve ambitious goals for transforming your campus facilities and energy systems with the right roadmap


Successfully move through every critical decision while still staying on course to reach your strategic goals and objectives


Create insights and training to enable senior leaders make decisions on complex topics with imperfect data-sets