Creating a map of where you are going is prudent planning, but what do you do when the fork in the road isn’t on the map? Transforming your campus facilities and energy system contains an endless maze of forking paths.  Fovea’s Navigation Services help our clients move through each critical decision while still staying on course to reach their stated strategic goals and objectives.


Climate Action Plan Implementation Tracking


Too often strategic plans are written, launched with fanfare and then relegated to gather dust on the shelf. Fovea’s CAP Implementation Tracking service provides a structured process to keep your campus on track with the portfolio of initiatives outlined in your climate action plan.  Fovea will work with your campus to establish project tracking, reporting and key decision support as set your plan in motion. Your underlying road map will improve as your staff gains knowledge and experience. Your plan will adjust as new information becomes available and as interim goals are reached.  A key deliverable is The CAP Implementation Report. This report provides a regular status update to quickly summarize the status of each project or imitative outlined in your Climate Action Plan. A standard report, reviewed at regular intervals, will help your team learn and share across departments, identify and overcome barriers to implementation while providing your campus leadership with an easy-to-understand status report. Each report includes such as:

  • What is the status of the project / program / initiative?

  • Who is responsible for implementation?

  • What are the barriers to implementation and / or the next go/no-go decision points?

  • Other Financial, technical and organization details about this project / program / initiative.


Strategic Energy Management - Accelerated Investment Cycle over 30 years.

Building energy efficiency measures are well-known to be cost-effective energy and carbon reduction strategies.  Too often, however, efficiency efforts are pursued by campuses on a project-by-project basis. Due to resource constraints, many campuses have difficulty securing funding deeper efficiency projects due to the larger capital requirements and longer paybacks time-horizons. Energy service companies (ESCos) offer one potential solution, but without active management by campus staff, ESCos can sometimes extract more value than the provide. Fovea’s Strategic Energy Management Support will help your energy management team setup the programmatic structures and processes within your organization to stand-up a strategic energy management team. This includes organizing your building, energy and project data for active management, setting up the financial tracking processes to allow your energy management team to reinvest the savings from projects to unlock more savings potential. Fovea will also help you productively engage other financial and engineering consultants as well as product and service providers in order to fully realize your energy savings potential.